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Customs duties are governed by the Customs Tariff Decree of 1987, an amendment of previous tariff codes, to conform to the

Harmonized System of the Customs Cooperation Concil. Tariff duties on goods are levied on an ad valoren or specific rate basis. The majority of goods imported by business are subject to rates between zero and 80%.

The majority of imported articles are subject to two different taxes: tariff duty and VAT. Tariff duty is computed by multiplying the CIF value of the goods by the duty rate. The duty thus determined is added to the value of the goods determinined with refernce to the CIP price.

VAT is then levied on the total sum of the CIF value, duty, and excise tax, if any. Goods imported for re-export are generally exempted form import duty and VAT. Export duties are imposed on only a few items including rice; hides, skins, and leather; scrap iron and steel; rubber, including latex, rubber waste, tree and lump scraps, earth rubber, and bark shavings from rubber trees; teak and other kinds of wood.

Thailand is a member of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trande (GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Thai Customs law adopts practices and standards in accordance with the GATT codes in determination of customs price.

Tariff duties may be lowered at the discretion of the Minister of Finance and with the approval of the Cabinet. Two exceptions to the obligation to pay customs duties apply to the importation of machinery, equipment, and materials for use by oil and gas concessionaires, their contractors, and certain companies promoted by the Board of Investment.

As a part of the BOI's Investment Promotion Program, BOI-promoted companies are eligible to receive exemptions or reductions from import duties on raw and essential materials as well machinery.

Further, companies that belong to the BOI's Investor club Association (IC) are eligible to use the IC's Raw Materials Tracking System (RMTS) and Machinery Tracking System (MCTS). For companies that take advantage of this service, release of raw materials and machinery can be done in three hours or less. For more information, please contact the Investor Club or AEC Consulting limited partnership; Tel: +66 86 903 4737

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