Mar 2014

Category: Business
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1. Is a visa required for travel or stay in the country? If so, for how long is the visa valid?

 A visa may be required for travel to or stay in Thailand (see response X.A.1. above). There are some exceptions. According to a Ministry of Interior regulation, there are 41 countries whose nationals are exempt from visas to travel or stay in Thailand for 30 days, and 3 countries whose nationals are exempt from visas for 90 days. A transit visa is valid for a stay of 30 days, a tourist visa for 60 days, and a non-immigrant visa for 90 days.

2. How does the investor apply for a visa?

 The investor should apply for a non-immigrant Business (“B”) visa at a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate before entering Thailand. The investor can either apply by mail or apply in person with all the required documents, i.e. passport, photographs, application form, and visa fee. One should check with the nearest visa-issuing office.

3. What documents are required?

 For the non-immigrant “B” visa, the following documents are generally required: passport, visa application form, 2 photographs 2” x 2” in size, a confirmation letter of employment from the prospective employer in Thailand, and copies of corporate documents of the

 4. How long does it take to receive a visa?

 It generally takes 2-3 days to receive a visa. The processing time depends on each Thai Consulate. For instance, the Thai Embassy in the U.S. can process a visa application within 2 days if submitted in person, and approximately 1 week, plus mailing time, if by mail. Applying in Hong Kong, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore can often be done in 1-2 days.

5. What fees are involved?

 Visa fees: Transit Visa               $20
               Tourist Visa               $25
               Non-immigrant Visa    $50 per single entry
                                               $125 for multiple entries