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Every business or household needs to know its financial position. This can be correctly ascertained if the record of all the incomes

and expenses is kept by the individuals or entities, preferably on daily basis. You can write down the data on this in your pocket diary, or you can even maintain a day book for the same. For the organizations, it is better to channelise the flow of the transactions through the documentary work that keeps the accounts department informed of the utilization and the earning of the money. There has to be one point person or department in charge of accepting these records from the different sources of the organization. A bookkeeper Thailand has an important role to play in getting these records from the different sources, feeding the same on the computer software and then presenting this information in an organized way to the management or the chartered accountant.

A Bookkeeper Thailand collects the documents or the data about the transactions from all sources within the organization and arranges the same into the different heads of expenses or receipts. Depending on the nature of business, the person from the bookkeeping services Sunshine Coast then classifies these heads under those of ‘revenue' or ‘capital' nature and also as ‘assets' or ‘liabilities'. Then the date-wise entries are made into the relevant sections of the software under suitable heads. Once this is completed, the profit and loss statement as well the balance sheet is automatically prepared by the software.

The importance of the activities performed by the Bookkeeper Thailand is that he does the spade work required for interpreting the accounts so that the business decisions can be taken based on these. He organizes the documents, classifies them and files them properly in an organized manner. By doing this, he reduces the chances of the missing of the documents and the authorized people can easily refer to these when needed. Since the work done by him guides the management philosophy, it is important that he does all the entries in a correct and right manner.

There are differing opinions on whether a bookkeeper Thailand needs to have the basic knowledge of accounts or not. Some of the training institutes which train the students on the bookkeeping software provide the basic understanding of the accounting to the students during the training itself. Some others do not do the same. Since many of the training institutes are the franchise holders of the reputed brands, like the Jim's bookkeeping franchise, they pursue the course which is outlined in their agreement for the same.

The bookkeeper Thailand can be hired directly by the organization from the institutes, or it is the accountants which hire them and send them to their client's place for completing the works. Bigger organizations require daily maintenance of the accounts for which they keep permanent bookkeepers on salary basis. The others might require the bookkeepers occasionally, say weekly or monthly or quarterly. These are then paid, mostly, on the hourly basis.

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