Mar 2014

Category: Bookkeeping
Written by Super User

Hiring a vendor of outsourced bookkeeping services is contracting an independent company or a third party firm to manage

bookkeeping tasks for the company. This is very similar to contracting other tasks such as help desk or customer service, search engine optimization (or SEO), website moderation, remote staff or virtual staff, animation, technical support or IT support, and web design. The independent or third party company will handle the tasks and these tasks will be paid as services.


In most cases, the tasks involved used to be handled by an in house department or an in house individual employee. More and more companies these days are finding it sensible to outsource some if not all of their tasks that are not part of their core competencies. Outsourcing bookkeeping, for example, is a good idea if the company does not have enough staff or the required expertise to deliver on time and at high levels of quality. It's also a practical solution if the company is looking to cut down on operation costs while still maintaining a continuously smooth flow of the business operation and on time completion of bookkeeping tasks.


To make the most of outsourced bookkeeping services, you need to have a plan. You should determine first exactly the kind of results that you want from your outsourcing bookkeeping team. The key is to communicate well. And the way to do this, of course, is to talk in terms of specific figures. You should talk in terms of specific targets and specific deadlines. Set benchmarks. Discuss projects in terms of deadlines and timelines. And discuss with the service provider how these deadlines and the specific targets will figure in the way you will measure productivity and performance.


You should also make sure that you choose a reliable service provider: one that has a team with excellent communication skills because every step of the process is easier if you are working with a team that has excellent communication skills. An outsourced team with excellent communication skills should be able to provide you with ways to make sure that you are on the same page regarding expectations and results. This team should also be able to explain to you how all the aspects of the tasks are being accomplished without using jargon or technical language.


Businesses that hire outsourced bookkeeping services should make sure they full use of the flexibility that an outsourced team offers. Set deadlines, change deadlines and outputs within reason and based on what would work best for the company. Make sure that the high level of quality and on time delivery of results are maintained. In house employees of companies that outsource also benefit from learning new information and updated best practices from outsourced employees. Outsourcing this task - particularly if this is not part of the core business - lets companies focus on tasks that are related to their core competencies. They can also have the time and energy to work on other important activities like improve.