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Bookkeeping, or accounting, is the professional practice of recording the transactions of money and assets by a business.

Bookkeeping education is necessary to maintain a business, though this practice can be outsourced to a bookkeeper or accounting firm. Because it is often outsourced, bookkeeping is a great career option for women and men seeking to work from home, on their own schedule. Courses are available to help you learn small business bookkeeping at home instead of spending years in college learning corporation and large business bookkeeping. Many available courses are available over the Internet and offer certificates that can boost your credibility in offering your bookkeeping services.


 When You'll Need 

  • Bookkeeping textbooks
  • Office and bookkeeping supplies
  • Bookkeeping software


Decide if you want to enroll in a bookkeeping course or if you want to teach yourself by reading textbooks and using an instructional software program. If you decide to enroll in a course either online, by correspondence or in-class, you will need to apply and submit your information and any necessary course payments.

Study the material extensively before you set out on doing bookkeeping professionally. Read two or more bookkeeping textbooks thoroughly to get a grasp on the practice. This is where an educational course will come in handy, as the course will be outlined and you will be able to seek explanation from professional bookkeepers and instructors. Through the books you may learn processes and techniques and discover all the aspects of bookkeeping, including job duties like payroll, taxes, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable and expenses and revenue
Practice what you have learned from reading the textbooks. Use typical office and bookkeeping supplies such as account ledgers to perform a simulation bookkeeping service for an imaginary business. Many courses may come with the necessary supplies for this simulation, or you may be able to perform this simulation using bookkeeping software.
Use bookkeeping software to learn the practice and perform several work-simulations on imaginary businesses. This will give you hands-on experience and teach you how to use a bookkeeping program. Learning a computerized bookkeeping program is more convenient and more common than paper methods that are becoming increasingly outdated.
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